Peter Cherpack

Peter is a partner and EVP at Ardmore, focusing on credit data management and risk control. Peter has been with Ardmore since 2002. 

​Peter specializes in credit data management best practices, CECL/ALLL calculations, stress testing and concentration reporting solutions for community banks and smaller financial institutions.   

Peter is a nationally recognized thought leader in best practices for concentration management, stress testing and CECL’s impact on community financial institutions, and a business partner of Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) and Argus.

As part of Ardmore Banking Advisors, Peter brings a unique mix of banking and technological knowledge, along with extensive experience in credit/risk business process and data analysis solutions. His experience has been essential to working directly with clients to address challenges in the following areas: ​

  • Stress Testing, ALLL/CECL & Analytics
  • Vendor Selection & Management
  • Banking Data Management Best Practices

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