Independent loan portfolio reviews, by those not involved in the loan approval process, are required per regulation. As part of the loan review process, Ardmore provides outsourced or co-sourced loan reviews for clients.

We identify existing, or emerging credit risks predicated on risk-based scoping, portfolio analysis, and evaluation of the borrowers’ risk ratings. As part of the Third Line of Defense in Credit Risk Management (CRM), Ardmore also evaluates the quality of underwriting, monitoring, measurement, and control of the portfolios examined.

Onsite/Remote Reviews

Loan reviews can be performed either on-site or remotely. Both review options result in the same high-quality analysis and reports by senior-level credit risk management professionals.

Borrower Risk Validation

The first objective in CRM is to identify credit risk. Ardmore’s mission, therefore, is to analyze and confirm or suggest changes to risk ratings on samples of new or existing borrowers.

Experts Provided

We provide a senior management professional as Relationship Manager/Team Leader for each client engagement and individual review. All Ardmore consultants are highly skilled in credit, with most having held senior-level lending and management positions within regional, national, or community banks.