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Ardmore Solutions

Automated Loan Review


Effective and efficient automation is relatively uncommon within loan review departments today.

The results of this often include inefficiency, manual workarounds, and inconsistent results. myLoanReview is Ardmore’s proprietary loan review automation workflow software which was built from the ground up as an easy-to-use application that can solve the workflow hangups and wasted time most institutions experience during the loan review process.

Ease of Use

Importing data, integrating bank-specific guidance & policy information, and automating calculations & formulas are all achievable with minimal keystrokes. Questions with drop-down selections guide the analysis, while Word-like formatting makes the narrative clear and easy to edit.

Efficiency and Control

A standardized workflow creates consistent, high-quality results that focus on key risk factors. The program leverages multiple types of information-gathering fields to quickly identify risk and lead the reviewer to a correct and concise analysis.

Rapid Customization

Flexible workflow navigation allows the analyst to move freely through the workflow path. Analysis modules can be reordered, added, and deleted as needed. Additionally, bank-specific questions, new modules, or checklists can be dynamically added.

Automated Portfolio Management


Typical core banking system reporting is static, not flexible enough to generate the level of analysis or insight required for the specific needs of credit or risk professionals.

Most business intelligence software alternatives require a background in IT to use effectively. myCreditInsight was built for today’s busy credit professional who quickly needs answers about emerging risks and multiple credit data points.

Filters & Template Reports

Isolate portions of the portfolio for analysis using over 30 selection filters including lender, risk rating, vintage, loan size, property types, and more. Select from over 25 credit risk template reports to see key risk indicators, emerging risk trends, and concentrations.

Portfolio Stress Testing

Portfolio stress testing reporting allows you to shock portfolio elements like cash flow, collateral value, and interest rates to help identify vulnerable concentrations.

Self-Serve Portfolio Analytics

Avoid the IT bottleneck by running your own pre-formatted credit risk reports on-demand without the need for IT resources or experience.

Partner Solutions

Argus CECL Solution

By 2023, all banks will have to transition to the Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) methodology for their reserve calculation.

This is a significant change in both the calculation and process, requiring extensive data management and reporting to be compliant. The Argus solution offers the choice of several approved CECL loss rate calculations, as well as built-in peer data and economic projection capabilities. All data is securely hosted at a SOC2 & SOC3 compliant hosting facility, so you know your data is secure.

Flexible Methodologies

Multiple scenarios and calculation methods can be tested and run simultaneously and in parallel to ensure you are using the best combination of alternatives for your institution.

Integration Options

It’s simple to incorporate projections, whether they’re based on federal market data, other third-party data, or your internal data. This allows Argus to create value beyond CECL applications by bolstering your portfolio reporting and analysis.

Value-Added Features

The Argus solution includes many additional features that other platforms may not incorporate, such as built-in peer data, economic projections, and detailed Q-factor support documentation.

Full Documentation

Argus provides documentation and loan-level details for each step of the CECL process so you can fully understand and explain your calculations to management, auditors, and regulators with confidence.

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