Mark Goldring

Mark Goldring is a seasoned IT professional with over 21 years of experience with architecture, database, development, collaboration and infrastructure skills. Mark has been with Ardmore since 2008.

In his current role as Senior Vice President & Senior Technology Consultant at Ardmore Banking Advisors, Mark is responsible for the development and implementation of our loan review and credit technology software. 

​Prior to joining Ardmore Banking Advisors, Mark was Chief Architect/Developer at a number of companies, where he managed, designed and implemented applications and solutions to automate dataflow and delivery into custom systems.

​As part of Ardmore Banking Advisors, Mark brings a wealth of technological expertise and his experience has been essential to working in the following areas:

  • Development of myLR, Ardmore’s proprietary Loan Review software platform
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Custom Technological Solutions
  • Special Development 
  • Implementation Projects for Clients

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