Ardmore Banking Advisors Announces Additions to Company Leadership

Ardmore Banking Advisors, Inc. is proud to announce the following changes to its leadership structure that will ensure that the company will continue to provide our world class service to clients well into the future.

Thomas Spratt Named President

Thomas Spratt, a lawyer who specialized in creditors rights with leading law firms and technology with HP and other providers of services, has been named Ardmore’s President. He will continue his focus on developing Ardmore’s future during the new paradigm for delivery of professional services, while Sandy Spratt will remain as CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Thomas Spratt, Lara Hartin, Jorge Leon and Jim Hamlet Join Board of Directors

Lara Hartin, who has been with Ardmore for over 20 years, currently serving as the Executive Director for Quality Standards and Control of Consulting Services, has been named to Board of Directors with Thomas Spratt.

In addition, Jorge Leon, currently serving as a corporate executive at a major overseas bank and a former executive in risk management and strategic planning for a regional U.S bank, and Jim Hamlet, a partner at Isdaner & Company, LLC, a prominent regional CPA firm, have been named Special Advisors to the Board.

Jorge Leon
Jim Hamlet

Both advisors bring a wealth of experience in the financial services industry and/or private business enterprises to their new role. Their unique perspective will be greatly appreciated as Ardmore continues to provide premium credit risk consulting services to financial institutions across the country.

“We are delighted to have this talented group of executives to build on our 30 year foundation assuring the most relevant and superior services to our clients in a quickly changing environment,” Chairman Sandy Spratt commented. “They exemplify our core values of respect, integrity, fairness, quality and value for our clients.”

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