Peter Cherpack Gives Presentation on Credit Culture at RMA Annual Conference


Peter Cherpack, Ardmore's Executive VP & Senior Director of Credit Technology, gave a well-received presentation on credit culture at the RMA Annual Conference in Boston this week.

The presentation, "Changing Credit Culture in a Regulatory Environment," detailed how change imposed on banks by new management, staff reorganization, or new regulatory requirements can be used positively by institutions to permanently change the culture.

According to Mr. Cherpack, no matter the change agent, the transition encourages management and staff to think outside the box, considering new ideas and practices that can change the institution for the better.

Using the CECL requirement as an example, Mr. Cherpack detailed how the requirements that all loans be forward-looking, with much better data quality necessary, can lead to banks implementing new data processes that ensure accurate and complete data sets that can be used for a number of best practice risk management processes including concentration analysis, stress testing and CECL.

For more information about the presentation, or how preparing for CECL can help your bank position itself to perform stress testing, concentration analysis and other valuable risk management processes, contact us today.