PA Bankers Services Corporation Names Ardmore Banking Advisors as Select Vendor


Ardmore Banking Advisors is pleased to announce that it has been added to the Pennsylvania Bankers Association's Select Vendor program. Ardmore will be available to Pennsylvania Bankers Association’s (PA Bankers) member banks for remote loan review services, effective immediately.

Ardmore Banking Advisors has been providing industry-leading independent loan review service to banks for 25 years.

“Until now, costly travel expenses and logistics have made it impractical for some community banks to utilize Ardmore’s value-added expertise gained through decades of experience as C-level bankers and regulators,” PA Bankers President & CEO Duncan Campbell said.

“Utilizing Ardmore’s proprietary loan review software platform and the bank’s loan file images, community banks with up to $500 million in assets can receive a high-quality, independent, expert assessment of their portfolio for a fraction of the cost of traditional loan review services,” PA Bankers Senior Vice President of Member Relations and Professional Development Cindy Wallett said.

All products and services within the PA Bankers Services Corporation’s Select Vendor program go through a rigorous selection process, where they need validation and are approved by a 13-member board representing deposit groups across the membership.

This board undertakes due diligence and proper vetting of third-party vendors that includes a detailed application process, independent financial review of the company and extensive reference checks on current banking customers, among other things.

Institutions taking advantage of Ardmore’s remote loan review services will receive an objective, independent analysis of their bank’s credit risk management program. In addition, the scope of services can be adjusted to meet each bank’s portfolio needs. Implementation is conducted remotely, with Ardmore only requiring from the bank an electronic “trial balance” loan data file and loan file images, along with copies of a few other appropriate credit documents.

“As a corporate member that has worked with PA Bankers for many years, we are proud to partner with an organization that provides value to its members in so many ways,” T. Alexander (Sandy) Spratt, president & CEO of Ardmore Banking Advisors, said.

For more information about remote loan capture review and the services provided by Ardmore Banking Advisors, please contact Lou Dunham at, or 847-687-7353.