Complimentary Webinar: CECL Update: Unraveling the New Guidelines - What Should Your Bank be Doing in 2016?


Complimentary Webinar

CECL Update:  Unraveling the New Guidelines - What Should Your Bank Be Doing in 2016?  

Thursday, June 23rd - 2:00 PM EST

It is anticipated that the final CECL ALLL Rule will be released June 15, 2016. What does the CECL rule mean to your bank, and what should your bank be doing in 2016 to prepare? Are there any new changes in the rule since the last update in April, and what do they mean?

Please join Peter Cherpack, CEO of Ardmore Fintellix and Sunny Malhi, COO of Ardmore Fintellix for a complimentary webinar on Thursday, June 23rd at 2 PM EST. Mr. Cherpack and Malhi will examine the final version of the rule released on June 15, and outline action plans and potential next steps for banks that want to stay ahead of the regulatory curve.

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