Peter Cherpack Quoted in American Banker Article


Peter Cherpack, a partner of Ardmore Banking Advisors and the company's Senior VP & Senior Director of Credit Risk Process & Technology, was quoted in the October 20th American Banker article by John Reosti "Fed's Powell: Regulators Shouldn't Mandate Small Bank Stess Tests" which considers the possibility of regulators mandating capital stress testing in community banks. 

In the article, Mr. Cherpack agrees with Federal Reserve Board Governor Jerome Powell in his opinion that supervisory approaches employed by large banks - including complex stress testing - are not appropriate for community banks.  However, Mr. Cherpack also believes that a scaled-down form of the process will not only satisfy regulators, it is also symbolic of a bank with good credit risk management procedures.  

"There are methods of stress testing that are very relevant and not hard to do," Cherpack added. "It's symbolic of a bank that has good credit management."

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Mr. Cherpack is a thought leader in the field of stress testing, and has appeared on Bloomberg TV and spoken at national banking industry conferences for major organizations including the Risk Management Association, American Bankers Association, and Banking Administration Institute.