Ardmore Data Security

Risk management is more than managing your bank's risk ratings, portfolio concentrations and loan policies. It is also about being cautious with any third-party service providers contracted by your bank that handle your institution's confidential and sensitive data.  If one of your bank's vendors suffers a breach, your bank's and clients' confidential information could be at risk.

your institution's confidential and sensitive data

Does your current or prospective risk management consulting provider:

  • Provide your bank with encrypted data, including laptops?
  • Have a secure database, protected against cyber attacks and hacking?
  • Have adequate liability insurance?
  • Have more than one experienced professional on staff, assuring continuity?

At Ardmore, the security and confidentiality of our clients' data is paramount, and we protect it as if it were our own.  In addition to using a safeguarded cloud-based system to perform all of our work, Ardmore Banking Advisors has also: 

  • Performed an internal Information Security Risk Assessment
  • Performed a technical security assessment to determine if system configurations provide reasonable controls
  • Evaluated and revised, where appropriate, IT and information security policies and procedures
  • Implemented employee training initiatives
  • Committed to continuous analysis and improvement of internal control initiatives

When you work with Ardmore, not only do you receive risk management consulting from our team of experienced, successful, former C-level bankers and regulators, but you also receive the peace of mind from knowing that your data is in secure hands.