CECL & Credit Automation Experts

Ardmore's banking data and coding experts have been assisting banks with best practices for over 20 years.  We have extensive experience with all core systems, data formats and credit coding structures. We make it easy to create meaningful information from system data.  

The CECL & Credit Automation Experts at Ardmore Banking Advisors understand how to work with your banks’ infrastructure to extract loan, borrower and relationship data and turn it into information for your managers to make the best possible decisions. We work with your current systems to allow you to take advantage of your existing technology investments. 

Let our experts enable you to be a user of information - not a chaser and cruncher of data.  

» Peter L. Cherpack - Executive Vice President, Principal, & Senior Director, Credit Technology
» Mark Goldring - Vice President & Senior Technology Consultant
» Julie Hawthorne - Vice President & Director of Client Services & Operations
» Todd Sardich - Vice President of Risk Management Consulting
» Tom Spencer - Implementation Specialist

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