Expert Testimony & Litigation Support

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It’s no secret that our society has become extremely litigious and that lender liability-based claims are on the rise. Ardmore Banking Advisors provides expert witness and litigation support consulting services to law firms looking for experience in lender liability matters and litigation support.

Ardmore prides itself in selectively accepting expert engagements only where its principals are confident that we can support the case based upon an independent review of the facts, we believe in the position we are being asked to advocate, and, we have the expertise necessary to qualify as an expert and meet our client’s needs and expectations. 

Ardmore’s opinions, reports and testimony are based on an independent understanding and evaluation of the facts of each case in light of industry standards and best practices, good faith, commercial reasonability and fair dealing. Our knowledge is a product of decades of senior-level transactional and lending experience. Our experts have structured, underwritten, negotiated, closed, administered and worked-out all types of complex financial transactions. 

If your bank, client or firm is involved in a case involving a financial transaction, please contact us. We have the experience and credentials to help facilitate a reasonable resolution.

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