Julie Hawthorne, VP & Director of Client Services & Operations

Julie Hawthorne is VP & Director of Client Services & OperationsAs Vice President & Director of Client Services & Operations, Ms. Hawthorne is responsible for operations oversight and overall quality control, with additional support in Ardmore’s Credit Automation division and sales and business development efforts.

Ms. Hawthorne is a dynamic senior level operator with over 15 years of solid experience in project management, analysis, design and support in the systems and finance areas.

Prior to joining Ardmore Banking Advisors, Ms. Hawthorne was a licensed Financial Advisor and IT consultant in a software consulting firm. She has a history with providing Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management, consulting for Fortune 1000 organizations in the financial services, government, manufacturing and pharmaceutical  industries.

At Ardmore Banking Advisors, Ms. Hawthorne works with clients in the following areas:

  • Operations & Oversight
  • Credit Automation Management and Development
  • Credit Data Assessment
  • Sales & Marketing

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