Due Diligence/Mergers & Acquisitions

due diligence"We are looking at due diligence, how deep a dive they did into the bank...We are looking at the operational and reputational risk that could be coming to their institution. That is what we are really focused on."

-John Meade, Central District Risk Officer & OCC Risk Committee Chairman

From an American Banker Article Discussing the Due Diligence Regulators Are Expecting In Mergers & Acquisitions

Conditions in the current banking environment are extremely favorable for merger, acquisition and investment activity, but at the same time, regulators are warning banks that these transactions will be under careful scrutiny.

If your bank is considering such a transaction, trust the professionals at Ardmore, who have a wealth of experience and expertise in providing due diligence consulting services, to assist in determining the value of assets being purchased and identify any potential gaps and weaknesses that the buyer needs to address in these transactions

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