Ardmore Remote Loan Review

Ardmore’s Remote Loan Review Service

The Risk-Reducing, Cost-Saving Solution


For 25 years, Ardmore Banking Advisors has been providing top quality independent loan review service to banks in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern United States.

Now, Ardmore is pleased to announce that using our new proprietary loan review platform and selected scanned loan files, we are able to provide community banks under $500 million in assets nationwide with an independent, best practice assessment of their loan portfolio risk for a fraction of the cost of traditional loan review.

Our staff of successful former C-Level bankers and regulators will perform their review and unparalleled Quality Control functions offsite, making your review more efficient and non-intrusive.

For more information on how Ardmore can assist your bank in demonstrating enhanced risk control to all stakeholders, please contact Lou Dunham at 847-687-7353, or


Loan review is more than looking at your files for compliance and risk ratings; it is also about protecting your bank and client's information. Does your current or prospective loan review provider:

  • Provide your bank with encrypted data, including laptops?
  • Have a secure database, protected against cyber attacks and hacking?
  • Have adequate liability insurance?
  • Have more than one experienced professional on staff, which assures continuity?


  • Objective, independent analysis of your Bank’s credit risk management program, from a company respected by regulators, trade associations, bankers and other professionals for 25 years
  • Validate the accuracy of the Bank's risk rating system and specific credit ratings and risk profile
  • Comprehensive overview of the Bank’s lending function, processes, policies and credit administration
  • Digital loan files can be accessed via hard disc, imaging system or uploaded to Ardmore’s secure portal
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