Ardmore Fintellix Stress Testing Software Solution


Justification and Drivers for Improved Credit Data Management and Evolving Industry Best Practices in Stress Testing

I am pleased with the work done by Ardmore. They have been extremely helpful and clearly understand the impediments I faced to conduct a thorough and accurate stress test. I can say that Ardmore’s community bank loan portfolio stress testing service is exactly what the bank needed to meet the OCC’s expectations.

The stress test was an important factor influencing the OCC to close a consent order article relating to concentrations. Ardmore’s staff went out of their way to understand my bank’s specific needs and ensure that the results were meaningful and useful. Furthermore, the staff was very responsive and easy to work with. I would happily recommend Ardmore, its staff and Ardmore’s stress testing services to my peers.

Skip Maniscaclo
EVP & Chief Credit Officer, Neighborhood National Bank

In regulatory guidance on stress testing, concentration management and capital planning, the agencies have stated an expectation for banks to perform active portfolio management practices and have effective credit data “MIS.”

All banks are expected to be able to inform their management and board, in a timely manner, of concentration performance, trends and migration patterns that may impact earnings, credit quality and capital. There is also a stated expectation that all institutions, regardless of size, perform some type of stress testing process on their loan portfolios.

With the impending release of FASB’s new CECL rule, expectations and requirements for effective credit data management processes like stress testing have taken on a new level of urgency. Stress testing is now an expectation of all banks, and automating that process in a repeatable, auditable manner is what the examiners want to see.

The Affordable, Security Community Bank Stress Testing Solution - Considered Easiest to Use on the Market

Our secure, hosted community bank stress testing solution is based on an enhanced version of Ardmore’s industry leading “CREInsight™” solution– introduced in 2008. All of our solutions meet or exceeds all regulatory expectations for stress testing in community banks today.

Designed with the help of six banks, CREInsight was originally introduced in 2008 and has been used by more than 60 banks nationwide.

This newest, secure hosted version includes “drill to detail” pre-stress reporting that adds an easy to follow workflow process to identify missing data and facilitate data collection. New reports have been added, including reports that depict potential capital loss based on potential collateral short fall - enabling a direct linkage of portfolio stress to the bank’s capital planning.

For additional information about the Ardmore Fintellix CPM Suite, please contact Peter Cherpack at, or 484-417-2082.