Ardmore Fintellix Portfolio Concentration and Credit Quality Reports

Enhance your credit risk control at a controlled cost while easily producing portfolio-specific, best practice risk management analysis and reporting.

Many core systems provide standard loan trial balance reports, but usually with a limited ability to “slice and dice”, or break out segments of your loan portfolio for concentration management.  Additionally, many core add-on reporting packages offer the ability for the bank to build their own credit reporting, but require the banker to have intimate knowledge of the tool set and the core data structures before any real valuable information can be actually delivered.  Therefore, your bank is forced into manual inefficient spreadsheet work to get the information they need.

The Ardmore Fintellix CPM provides a standard “out of the box” set of reports that show KRI’s, credit quality metrics and trends designed using documented regulatory reporting definitions allowing you to immediately create snapshot views or trends over time of your portfolio status by concentration and segment, with the ability to further drill down for more detail.

Implementation is fast and easy as the Ardmore Fintellix CPM's flexible import functions allow data to be imported from core systems, spread systems and spreadsheets. As long as there is a common account number, data can be “layered” as the bank requires.

  • Choose from 26 filters to pinpoint your concentrations including your banks organizational levels and product roll ups
  • Start by creating summary level reports and drill to detailed loan records
  • Columns can be sorted and the reports can be sent to Excel, PDF or Word
  • Produce charts and graphs instantly on demand based on your selection criteria
  • Assess risk migration from previous year-end or previous quarter-end
  • Save hours of time and evidence advanced risk management capabilities to your examiners