Ardmore Fintellix ALLL Manager

The Ardmore Fintellix ALLL Manager is an integrated, yet modular, solution to measure, monitor, manage and report the bank’s Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses.. Designed to be audit and examination-ready, the solution meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements, and is equipped with a powerful insights module to help C-Level executives with strategic business decisions. 

The Ardmore Fintellix ALLL Manager offers support for both the Historical Loss Rate and Migration Analysis methods, and will be CECL-ready the day that the new regulations are finalized.

Key Features of the Ardmore Fintellix ALLL Manager Solution

  • Integrated workflow management throughout the ALLL calculation process that is compliant with FAS5 (ASC 450-20) and FAS 114 (ASC 301-10) regulations.  
  • Complete auditability of the end-to-end process with focus on audits and examinations
  • 20 pre-packaged regulatory and management reports with the capability for customized reports based on your bank’s requirements
  • Integrated document repository to upload, view and track of all external references used for the ALLL calculation
  • Scenario management, configurable look-back period and flexible methodology selection for back-testing
  • Configurable Q&E drivers and associated severity ranges
  • Flexible data definitions and categorizations to create risk grades, cohort pools and FAS 114/TDR classification criteria
  • Efficient collateral management and payment schedule generation integrated into FAS 114 accounting

For additional information on the Ardmore Fintellix ALLL Manager solution, please contact Peter Cherpack at or 484-417-2082.