The Ardmore Fintellix Credit Portfolio Management (CPM) Suite

Be Prepared For Change. Leverage Your Credit Portfolio Data for CECL, Stress Testing & More

Since the financial crisis in 2008, many financial institutions have struggled to cope with continuous changes in rules and the burdensome demands of regulators, auditors and examiners. As the efforts to meet these demands have increased, resources available to banks have diminished.  This can result in the bank’s primary focus on lending becoming distracted.  

The credit professionals of Ardmore Banking Advisors - all successful, former C-level bankers and regulators - have collaborated with Fintellix - developers of next generation technology which has enabled regulatory compliance for some of the world's largest banks - to create the Ardmore Fintellix Credit Portfolio Management (CPM) Suite. 

This secure, hosted software platform is a user-friendly, easily deployed, comprehensive platform adapted for community banks to automate many credit data management-related tasks necessary to meet regulatory requirements, allowing bank personnel to refocus their efforts on sustainable growth.

The Ardmore Fintellix CPM is built specifically to help banks meet or exceed all regulatory and audit expectations related to credit information management, while helping enable executive future strategies with a clear roadmap towards CECL. Additionally, our comprehensive Portfolio Analytics Suite, with built-in reporting and dashboarding capabilities, helps your bank to track and manage performance at portfolio and operational levels.

With every solution, Ardmore Fintellix includes real credit expertise and support to ensure our solutions really bring value to the bank.  Unlike other software firms, we have the experience and talent to support your credit and the IT staff to automate your processes.  

For additional information about the Ardmore Fintellix CPM Suite, please contact Peter Cherpack at, or 484-417-2082.