Ardmore Fintellix's Road Map to CECL

Prepare Your Bank For the Transition to CECL – Ardmore Fintellix’s “Road Map to CECL” Service Shows You How
  • Our experts share an overview of the CECL requirements and latest updates with you
  • We will review your current ALLL calculation and methodology in comparison to  industry best practices & regulatory expectations
  • We will outline which CECL methodologies are best suited for each of your loan portfolio types
  • Our analysts will explain how to create economic forecasts under each calculation methodology 
  • We will recommend a project framework and timeframe for CECL implementation for your bank based upon the portfolio types, methodology chosen and data readiness
  • Derive benefits from CECL by learning how to leverage CECL investments in multiple ways
The Road Map to CECL Service is an optional value add that builds on the foundation of Ardmore Fintellix’s Rapid Gap Analysis Process. 

For a reasonable fixed price and minimal impact on your bank’s resources, the prudent choice is to engage Ardmore Fintellix to perform an inventory of your credit data resources, identify gaps from best practice, and outline short and long term actions you can take to improve your bank’s practices. After an action plan for data clean up and organization is established, you will be much better prepared to look at how the new CECL rules can be effectively implemented.
For more information, please contact Peter Cherpack at, or 484-417-2082.