CECL & Credit Automation Services




Ardmore is proud to partner with Argus, a Verisk Analytics Business to bring its Credit Portfolio Management (CPM) solution set to banks across America. The suite is a securely-hosted integrated - yet modular - solution for credit portfolio data management. The suite includes modules for ALLL (CECL-compliant), stress testing and portfolio reporting & analytics, leveraging a comprehensive central data mart to get the most value out of your credit data.

CECL and Credit Automation Services

The platform accepts the import of multiple data files from different sources into one central historical credit data mart, which becomes one source of the truth for credit data. The suite includes a state-of-the-art ALLL automation solution to measure, monitor and manage your ALLL today while helping you prepare for the complex CECL calculations of tomorrow.

Argus delivers more than a software package; it also offers a credit-driven approach and real credit consulting to ensure that the solution works with your data and creates meaningful results that your institution can really use. Our Credit Best Practices and Credit Automation experts ensure that your institution gets real value out of the software, and that it becomes a part of the credit management fabric of your institution. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us at info@arguscloud.com.

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