Credit Risk Consulting Experts

The Credit Risk Consulting Experts at Ardmore Banking Advisors are leaders in the banking industry and have extensive experience in identifying and evaluating risk and recommending solutions to mitigate risk in organizations of all stages of development. Each member of the team is accessible to clients and available to work directly on client projects, should the project require their unique set of skills.

»  T. Alexander Spratt - Founder, President and CEO
»  Donald C Frueh - Executive Vice President & Principal
»  Louis J. Dunham -  Senior Vice President & Senior Director, Risk Management
»  Mikkalya Murray, Senior Vice President, Credit Risk Consulting
»  James McKeighan - Senior Vice President, Credit Risk Management & Director of Western PA,                                 NY & Midwest Region
»  David Molson - Senior VP & Credit Risk Managing Director, Southeastern US Market
»  Suzanne Storm - Senior Consultant for Credit Policy & Risk Management
»  Joseph Rebl - Chief Financial Officer & Senior Consultant, ALLL 
»  Todd Sardich - Vice President, Risk Management Consulting
»  Teresa Wood - Senior Consultant

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