Credit Reporting & Analytics

Credit Reporting and AnalyticsArdmore's Credit Informatics Solutions produce a variety of valuable prebuilt and pre-formatted board-ready reports for your bank, including:

Ardmore's Credit Informatics Solutions help you enhance your credit risk control at a controlled cost. Our tools and practices, developed through years of helping banks better manage risk across their portfolio, use standard extracts available from your core to easily produce portfolio-specific, best practice risk management analysis and reporting.

Many core systems provide standard loan trial balance reports, but usually with a limited ability to “slice and dice” or break out segments of your loan portfolio for concentration management. Other core add-on reporting packages offer the ability for the bank to build their own credit reporting, but require the banker to have intimate knowledge of the tool set and the core data structures before any real valuable information can be actually delivered.

Our reports are built on your bank's categories and roll ups, immediately creating meaningful credit risk management information.

The Regulatory Imperative

Good credit data management is the foundation and evidence of risk control.  According to Concentrations of Credit - The Comptroller's Handbook, published in December of 2011:

  • "Data quality is the foundation of any MIS...Procedures should be in place to ensure accurate reporting of concentrations.  These reports should support an active and timely dialogue with the board of directors and senior management regarding concentration exposures."
  •  "The OCC expects that an institution's MIS and reporting will be accurate and timely and that its scope will be commensurate with the portfolio's diversity and risk profile."

Ardmore’s myCreditInsight™ platform provides a standard “out of the box” set of reports on credit quality that are designed with the regulatory reporting definitions documented in publications like the one above in mind.

Below are just some of the reporting packages that Ardmore's Credit Informatics can produce for your bank: