Credit Informatics Solutions

Credit Informatics Solutions
You Can be Confident that Ardmore’s Credit Information Experts Understand Your Industry and Regulatory Environment and Can Assist You to Meet the Regulatory Challenge
Here is just a sample of Ardmore's Credit Informatics Solution capabilities: 
Ardmore’s Credit Informatics is the analysis of loan portfolio activity, structure, behavior, and the engineering of information systems to manage them. Powered by myCreditInsight, our Credit Informatics are the design and implementation of a system that delivers the right information to the right person at the right time, all while adhering to industry and regulatory standards.

In the current banking environment, credit and lending managers are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate risk control and transparency in their portfolio information and analysis in a timely manner. They need to be able to comfortably show bank management, boards of directors, investors and regulators that they have immediate access to accurate and meaningful portfolio and borrower trends, current status and future risk. 
Ardmore’s Credit Informatics Solutions help you:
  • Meet or exceed regulatory expectations
  • Streamline and reduce the cost of loan and credit portfolio information management
  • Minimize the use of internal bank resources
  • Demonstrate risk control to bank management, board and regulators
Ardmore has deep expertise in the disciplines that are the foundation for real working solutions to credit/risk information problems faced today. For over 20 years, our credit experts have been working with hundreds of banks to analyze their credit risk practices, procedures, policies and loan portfolios. Since 1999, Ardmore’s Credit Information Experts have been creating and delivering user-friendy, affordable credit data automation solutions to over 70 banks of all sizes nationwide. 
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